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I love Chemistry.com, however, I hate that I can't actually use the site unless I'm actually in the US.

I find the price a bit high (even compared to e Harmony), yet the research is solid and they offer information you won't find elsewhere.

I've yet to meet or speak with anyone though that's met someone through the site directly, so unless there were lots of people in my area *and* I struggled to connect with great singles locally, I'd recommend passing.

Matches that meet up are encouraged to provide feedback on how well the matching system worked to further tune the Personality Profile process. Review the ones sent you, and if you're not happy with the selection, let the company know with a few clicks why.

It took me about 10 minutes to realize I had to change my geographical restrictions before any local matches showed up. zip code for the trial period, but remember there will be no way to upgrade to a full membership - for the time being, anyway). Helen Fisher, Chemistry.com's scientific advisor (and creator of the patented matchmaking system), says that we all have the potential to match up with several people well throughout our lifetime, and it just takes great compatibility (i.e.

To do the same thing, just go to My Information at the top right of every page, then choose My Matching Criteria. Unique questions, quick turnaround, and a matching process you won't find anywhere else all contribute to the interesting nature, plus it can't hurt to get advice and suggestions on your romantic picker. someone similar to your values and beliefs) to get things off the ground.

The free Personality Profile at is something I recommend all singles take part in, even if they aren't from the U. Whether this system works for you or not depends on what you're after and how much time you're willing to invest, but the bottom line is: it can't hurt to check it out and see what the system shows you. Three months costs .95 USD, or .32 USD a month, and six months costs 9.95, or .66 a month.

A part of the family, is an unusual and highly entertaining dating site for those interested in compatibility matchmaking websites. From our Personality Profile to our chemistry-inspired matching system, we exist to get you the kind of relationship you want.

And unlike e Harmony, which only allows heterosexual matches, welcomes everyone from all sexual orientations provided they live in the U. That's what we mean when we say 'come as you are.'"People situated in the U. can join for free and take the Personality Profile, a reasonably short (10-15 minute) yet unique multiple-choice test that tells users their personality type, and therefore which other personality types they are best suited for romantically.