Whatever it is, we're constantly searching for a partner.

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It's just that you come across those special moments you want to share with someone other than your friends or family.

Perhaps you're one of the luckier ones and fate has lobbied hard on your behalf to bring you to your significant other when you least expected it to happen.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with doing these things by yourself or with friends.

However, video rooms tend to have a nasty reputation for being places where Koreans make out or have varying degrees of sex while viewing a movie in a semiprivate room.

On a lighter note, if all goes well for a young couple, they will buy couple rings.

Obviously, this displays to others that they are a couple.When the time comes, the boy will finally enter the girl's house to meet her parents.Usually Korean kids don't enter their boyfriend or girlfriend's house until they intend to get married.When parent's approval is given, an inexpensive engagement ring is bought and they hold an engagement party.In Korea the wedding ring is the expensive ring, in contrast to the customary expensive engagement ring and inexpensive wedding band of the West.You know when you go to the movie theater (alone) or dine out (…alone..) or walk along the streets of any city (……forever alone...), and you feel like the world has abandoned you cold and left you on the streets to die a bachelor/bachelorette?