So, that’s all well and good but how do you get the message across to her that you deserve her attention? You see, being older, you have got loads of things going for you, like social position, know-how, life skills and financial safety.This makes you a valuable and attractive individual. It’s now up to you to showcase your value to these younger women… And that’s where you need advanced skills in how to approach girls for a date.

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As a result of this mistake, she will most definitely brand you as a dirty old man, which means that you have no hope.

But, assuming you make a successful contact when you approach a younger woman, you have to get control of the discussion as soon as possible.

Then, you begin pushing her attraction buttons and “sell” yourself.

You are misguided if you think that you will not be successful in getting a younger woman to date you because the age difference between you is too wide. You may not have read this in any dating advice for men book previously but it really is true.

All that’s important is how you represent yourself to these women…if you like, your front or presence.

This is similar to dating women in the same age group as you although, obviously, you will need to make a few changes to cater for the “younger” age.When a woman, younger or otherwise, studies you, what does she see?Whether you like it or not, she will pass judgment on you according to a number of things such as the kind of outfit you have on, how self assured you seem to be, the manner in which you carry yourself, the words you speak, how you interrelate with others and so on.In reality, what she’s aiming to find out is who you are at heart and if you have what she’s looking for.If you do, your age or anything else is irrelevant.Women will always be attracted to men who have what they need.