Securing theatrical roles left me with little time to date.

In any case, the longer I went without sex, the more determined I became to hold out for someone special.

Sisters Miriam and Samantha Babooram grew up in Darlington, County Durham, with parents Harry, a psychiatric nurse, and Sally, a nursery manager, and brother Davey, 30.

Miriam, 33, an actress, and Samantha, 27, a cosmetics sales assistant, both live in London.

My father taught me I should put my energies into making a success of myself rather than thinking about boys.

He moved from his native Mauritius to Britain in 1969 and married my mother, Sally, nine years later. Actresses have a reputation for being flirty, but for me it was all about attending endless castings to get work.

They're stylish, eligible women who you’d assume would have their pick of lovers.

But the women you’re about to meet share a surprising secret: they are all virgins.

They are among a growing number of women who have decided that sex, for all the emphasis placed on it in today’s society, holds no place in their lives.

Here they tell ANTONIA HOYLE why they are celibate...

When I find the right man, we’ll have the rest of our lives to enjoy each other’s bodies. The closest I have ever got to romantic involvement was when I was 18, and an attractive boy chatted me up in my local nightclub. People ask if I feel under any pressure to find a man, like Miriam does. I volunteer for a homeless charity, which gives me a greater sense of satisfaction than any half-baked sexual encounter.