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The girls in these bars tend to be looking for boyfriends / sponsors, if they're not already married or dating a local.

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Some actually get very pissed of if you think they're a hooker.

Was more the challenge than anything else, and would probably have been easier if I was living there instead of visiting now and again.

There are some good looking girls in these bars, especially The Office.

They're all run by a group of Vietnamese ladies, all of them very datable, but not cheap to take out on that date. There is sure to be the odd one that may want to supplement their wages and as I said, it may be easier if you're living there, as they would see you as a possible boyfriend candidate, but you may be just better sticking to Lush, Apo, Go2 etc. My comments on the general thread: I don't hang out that regular, much more before, but there are all kinds of girls working and there are occasional ladies out before going to Apo or friends of waitresses but in general, it is a project in most cases although there are full-on workers in some bars.

The first bar I met her at, she started asking me if I was there to take a woman home, because some them will do that, she said. We ended up becoming friendly and I would see her at the bar to hear about her BF troubles.

She is definitely hunting a foreign husband and had some Aussie guy on the line but broke up recently.For some reason I am her "type" and she would go for me if I wasn't married, so she has no problem in going out with me occasionally.I don't really care about buying them drinks to have a semi-grope but a lot of Asian guys seem happy with that.I will confess that I was dragged home one night by a 22 or 23-yr old single mother working a lower Pasteur street bar who I thought was going to charge me but when I came up short in cash for the hotel, she payed the difference.She was a bit exceptional in that she was a young actress just working in a bar to improve her English.She ended up breaking it off in deference to my wife. Old divorcee who has a small English school and was also working just to improve her English but could barely put up with the job- she never let guys buy her drinks or whatever- and went through three bars pretty quickly.