Other countries, like Japan and Mexico, rely on earthquake early warning systems, but the United States — namely California — has been slower to fully fund and adopt the potentially life-saving technology. Since 2012, businesses and government agencies have been required to report data breaches affecting more than 500 Californians to the Attorney General's Office. Department of Transportation isn't releasing details of any of the 77 applications it's received for its Smart City Challenge until March 12, city officials have divulged pieces of their plans to local media outlets across the country. A new report concludes that app-driven transportation companies like Uber and Lyft are having an increasing impact on society and therefore need greater consideration and oversight by their governments.MIT Media Lab and tech companies Deloitte and Datawheel have released Data USA, an open source platform promoted as the “the most comprehensive website and visualization engine” ever created for U. More than 650 breach incidents have been sent in during the past four years. Following recent terrorist attacks in Europe and the United States and a new focus on how the Internet is being used to coordinate among radical groups, lawmakers have introduced a bill to require the reporting of terrorist activities by social media networks.Though the city and vendors disagree on reasons for problems, a company executive says her team is focused on working with the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection so its portion of the project is a success.

If one Southern California developer's big promises come to be, Lilac Hills Ranch will be the first community in the nation to offer its citizens a private vehicle network where self-driving cars would be summoned via an app.

The state will pay less for customers' unused solar power, but a green energy advocacy institute says that presents an opportunity for people to use as much of their own power as possible instead of sending it back to the grid.

With EMC a majority shareholder in VMWare and the new combined company being privately held, the deal would position Dell to make longer-term investments and shift its product-line toward software and storage-based solutions.

During Baltzell's time leading IT for the state, he helped to improve Indiana's infant mortality and child fatality rates using data analytics, and worked to launch open data-based innovation initiatives.

According to an official blog post introducing the new official, Krucoff will lead a team of 26 employees who worked together previously in an unofficial capacity as they were spread across the enterprise.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx spoke to a crowd at the National Transportation Systems Center about the department's Beyond Traffic program, urging attendees to start taking on their responsibility in planning for the future.

The department is in the midst of testing various connected vehicle pilots in Florida, New York and Wyoming. Attorney General Eric Holder qualified his statement that Snowden had done a public service by saying the way Snowden went about the revelation was inappropriate and damaging to national security. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx told reporters last week that he plans on giving guidance on how his department will approach autonomous vehicles, but isn't working on plans to regulate them.

Now, the department has published a library of technical assistance available through the program. Under the terms of an enterprise memorandum of understanding, the agencies will have better delivery of customer-centric services, be better able to make strategic decisions and policies, and will improve organizational efficiencies. Department of Transportation's announcement signals a support for fully autonomous vehicles that was lacking in a regulatory announcement last month from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Kentucky's CIO resigned last month following Matt Bevin's ascension to governor two weeks prior, and Jim Barnhart has been promoted from deputy to acting commissioner of the Commonwealth Office of Technology.

The presidents of both countries announced Friday that they will create a cap-and-trade program, tighten green energy standards and target the trucking industry in order to cut emissions during the next 10 years.