The company said that the first boxes to benefit will be their newest models, the Sky+HD DRX890 and the Sky+HD 1TB, with others being updated shortly afterwards.

No exact date has been given for the new updates, other than they’ll appear “soon”.

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Using On Demand, you’ll be able to instantly access some of Sky’s most popular shows at the touch of a button, whenever you want.

BSky B is also set to offer catch-up TV in the next few weeks, meaning that you’ll be able to “catch up” with all of the shows that you’ve missed over the last seven days, not only from Sky channels, but also from the ITV Player and Demand 5.

Plus, once it’s launched, the BBC i Player will also be added to the catch-up mix.

BSky B’s (British Sky Broadcasting) HDTV customers might notice a few differences to their electronic programme guide (EPG) over the coming days, as the digital satellite television broadcaster rolls out a host of new features – including i Player, catch-up TV and an innovative ‘undelete’ option – on subscribers’ Sky+HD boxes.

Of the new features, Undelete is one of the most useful ones, allowing viewers to retrieve any programme that they’ve recorded and then accidentally deleted, ensuring that there will be no more ear-bashing when you mistakenly delete an episode of .

The first thing you’ll see when the update is rolled out is a new “Deleted” tab in your Sky Guide.This is where all of the shows you’ve discarded will be shunted to, giving you the option to restore them if you need.You might also notice a new “Store” tab appear in your Sky Guide, where you’ll be able to browse through a wide selection of movies available to rent, while the “Docs” tab has been relocated to the center of the Sky Guide to make it more accessible.Finally one last change will involve the “Help” section in your Sky Guide.This part has been redesigned with specific menus for each of the key functions of your Sky+HD box, such as Box Office, On Demand and Parental Settings, making it easier to get started f you’re unclear about something.You won’t have to do anything to receive the new updates, as Sky will automatically beam them direct to your box, making them appear magically overnight.