I can update the marvell drivers AFTER installing win 7 but i am still using marvell 1019 BIOS even after updating the marvell drivers. What new features do you expect to get by updating the BIOS?

On all topics i've read about the marvell controllers everyone has the opinion that the latest ones are the most reliable/stable, but i've not come across anyone who owns an X58 Sabertooth that has updated the Marvell 1019 BIOS.

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Also, you can go to the Exit menu and choose the Save Custom Defaults options.

Choosing Yes causes the current BIOS settings to be saved as a custom default setting.

When the CMOS memory is cleared during the BIOS upgrade, the BIOS defaults to these custom settings.

If you do not choose to save the defaults as custom defaults, you can manually re-enter these settings after you have upgraded to the latest BIOS.

Resetting BIOS after update During boot, press the F2 key to enter the BIOS Setup Utility.

The updated BIOS version can be verified on the main BIOS page.

Return the CMOS settings to the factory defaults by pressing F9, then press ENTER to load setup defaults.

If the settings were not saved as custom defaults prior to the BIOS update, go through each screen of options and return the CMOS settings to the values that you wrote down prior to updating the BIOS.

Press F10 to save the settings and press ENTER to accept the changes.