Use a few drops of lube in tip before you put the condom on.

These bigger brands can fit anybody, regardless of size, since the ring at the base is not any bigger.

Put a drop of water-based lube inside the tip to help conduct heat and help the end to move around more. Make sure the ring is completely unrolled to the base of the penis.

In order to unroll the condom all the way, unroll it with your fingers before putting it on the penis. Be careful not to tear the condom with your fingernails.

Try a thinner, higher quality condom such as Maxx or Kimono.

Try condoms and lubes without nonoxynol-9 spermicide.

Nonoxynol-9 can irritate the lining of the vagina or anus and cause numbness, and it tastes and smells awful.

For the same reasons, use lubes without spermicide. More than anything, a drop of lube in the tip will make it feel more natural.

For those of us who grew up with the older, thicker type of condoms, it's no wonder we hate condoms. Water conducts heat better than latex, and more play in tip means more sensation on the most sensitive part of the penis.

Make sure you don't leave any air pockets in the tip of the condom.