She’d been dating entrepreneur Carl Ferro for nearly a year when, in February 2013, both of their leases came up.They each have a child (Angie’s son, Kayden, 5, and Carl’s daughter, Jo Ann, 8) and a dog (Angie’s Bernese mountain dog, Duke, and Carl’s golden retriever, Quimby), making for a full house.

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“Kayden and Jo Ann started calling each other brother and sister on their own — we never pushed for it,” Angie, 45, says with a smile.

“They love each other.” The move came at the perfect time.

Within a couple of months of settling into their four-bedroom, three-bathroom, 2,700-square-foot hilltop rental home, Angie was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

She had surgery to remove her thyroid, followed by another operation for neck pain in May.

Angies Dream Had Always Been To Blow Two Guys At The Same Time, And Now She Was Going To Get Her Wish.

This site has been blocked by order of the government of Russia.You can read more about Russia’s internet censorship law here.Actress and supermodel Angie Everhart finally found true love, and now she’s happily sharing her life — and gorgeous Hollywood Hills home — with her fiancé and their blended family.Related Story: Exclusive Interview: Betty White's Secret To Good Health: Hot Dogs and Vodka While she’s suffered some side effects like memory loss from her medication, Angie is “all right,” she says.“I have no cancer.” “When things get tough, Carl, Jo Ann and Kayden continually make me laugh and smile,” she shares.In June of this year Caitlyn Jenner revealed her true feelings towards her ex wife Kris Jenner.