The squad helps out a fellow law enforcement officer by investigating the mysterious death of her daughter.

And Captain Raydor continues her audit of Brenda and Major Crimes, focusing her efforts on Detective Sanchez.

The squad investigates the death of a minister with a scandalous secret and the family who will do anything to protect his name and their church.

Meanwhile, all but one member of the Major Crimes unit receives a subpoena in the civil suit against the LAPD, raising questions about whether the one who didn't get served might throw the rest of the squad "under the bus." A home construction site becomes a crime scene when a body turns up underneath a retainer wall.

Plus, Brenda considers taking on a high-priced lawyer, Gavin Baker (recurring guest star MARK PELLEGRINO -- Lost, Supernatural, Dexter), but, unfortunately for Fritz, the retainer fee could require cutting back on several luxuries.

Flynn and Provenza hope to make easy money by serving court papers for a lawyer.

Meanwhile, Chief Delk prepares to announce the department's new organizational chart just as Brenda becomes the target of a civil suit against the police department.

As the LAPD undergoes a major realignment, Brenda's team investigates the murder of a young girl who was house-sitting.Captain Raydor is forced to expand her audit of Major Crimes in light of the civil suit against Brenda and the LAPD.But, once again, they find themselves in hot water when a man is killed minutes after being served by the pair. Guest star ADAM ARKIN (Sons of Anarchy, Chicago Hope, Northern Exposure) a The team searches for a missing boy who attends the summer camp where Lieutenant Tao's son works.Meanwhile, Captain Raydor makes a troubling suggestion to Brenda as she continues her audit of the Major Crimes unit.Brenda and the squad investigate the owner of a hip-hop record label when one of his rap artists and six innocent bystanders are gunned down.The case hits home for Gabriel who knows two of the victims from church.